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Transition Adjective Synonyms
change, alteration, metamorphosis, change-over, transformation, transmutation, mutation, development, evolution, conversion, modification, metastasis
Tracing the transition from tadpole to frog is exciting for young pupils.

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Mutation / Change

Transitional Benefits-Plans

Health / Dentistry / Transitional Benefits-Plans: When an employer changes insurance carriers, transition plans enable participants already in treatment to transition to an in-network health provider. It gives the patient and their current provider a MORE

Phase Transition

Business / Machine Shop / Phase Transition: Iron phase transitions are at room temperature to 1,670°F (910°C) iron is body-center cubic, 1670°F (910°C) to 2535°F (1388°C) iron is face-center cubic and 2535°F (1390°C) the melting point o MORE

Market Transition Payments

Business / Agriculture / Market Transition Payments: Referred to variously as AMTA payments, contract payments, or production flexibility contract payments made to farmers under Title I (the Agriculture Market Transition Act (AMTA)) of the FAIR Act of 1 MORE

Transition Metal

Science / Chemistry / Transition Metal: An element with an incomplete d subshell. Elements which have common cations with incomplete d subshells are also considered transition metals. Elements with incomplete f subshells are sometimes calle MORE

Transitional Object

Science / Psychiatry / Transitional Object: An object, other than the mother, selected by an infant between 4 and 18 months of age for self-soothing and anxiety-reduction. Examples are a security blanket or a toy that helps the infant go to sle MORE

Agricultural Market Transition Act (AMTA)

Business / Agriculture / Agricultural Market Transition Act (AMTA): Title I of the FAIR Act of 1996. It allows farmers who have participated in the wheat, feed grain, cotton, and rice programs in any one of the 5 years prior to 1996 to enter into 7-year production fle MORE