Other Words for Transport

Transport Adjective Synonyms
carry, bear, convey, move, remove, transfer, deliver, fetch, bring, get, take, ship, haul, transmit, send, forward
The goods were transported by ship.

Transport Verb Synonyms
transportation, carrier, conveyance, shipping, transfer, transferral, shipment, haulage, cartage, carriage, moving
Can't you give me any idea of what the transport costs might come to.

exile, banish, deport, send away
Australia was settled mainly by people who had been transported from England.

carry away, enrapture, captivate, delight, charm, spellbind, bewitch, fascinate, enchant, entrance, hypnotize, mesmerize, electrify, ravish
Flavia's parents were totally transported by her winning the decathlon.

More Words for Transport

Get / Forward / Take / Move / Bring

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Active Transport

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Environmental Media And Transport Mechanism

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Surface Transportation Board (STB)

Business / Agriculture / Surface Transportation Board (STB): The federal body regulating railroads created by Congress when it eliminated the Interstate Commerce Commission. Agricultural interests closely follow STB deliberations proceedings on railroad mergers MORE

Transportation Costs

Business / Accounting / Transportation Costs: Costs of transferring merchandise into or out of a firm. MORE

Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS)

Technology / Cell Phones / Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS): The security layer of the WAP which provides privacy, data integrity and authentication for WAP services. WTLS, designed specifically for the wireless environment, is needed for the client and server MORE