Other Words for Uncivilized

Uncivilized Adjective Synonyms: barbarous, savage, wild, uncultivated, barbarian, barbaric, crude, primitive, brutish

Other Words for Unconscionable

Unconscionable Adjective Synonyms: conscienceless, unscrupulous, amoral, unprincipled, immoral, unethical, evil, criminal, unjust, wicked, arrant

Other Words for Unconscious

Unconscious Adjective Synonyms: insensible, out (cold), knocked out, senseless, numb, stunned, comatose, dead to the world, blacked-out

Other Words for Unconscious Of

Unconscious Of Adjective Synonyms: heedless (of or to), unheeding, unheedful (of), insensitive (to), mindless, unmindful (of), reflex, automatic, involuntary, unintentional, instinctive, subliminal, unthinking, unpremeditated, subconscious, unwitting, blind (to), una

Other Words for Uncontrolled

Uncontrolled Adjective Synonyms: unrestrained, ungoverned, unchecked, untrammelled, undisciplined, wild, unruly, boisterous, riotous, out of hand or of control, rampant, frenzied, frantic, going berserk, running amok or amuck

Other Words for Under

Under Preposition Synonyms: below, underneath, beneath
Under Adjective Synonyms: beneath, below, underneath, covered by

Other Words for Under Arrest

Under Arrest Noun Synonyms: in custody, under legal restraint, in the hands of the law, imprisoned, arrested

Other Words for Under Ones Thumb

Under Ones Thumb Noun Synonyms: under (one's) control, wrapped (a)round (one's) little finger, in the palm of (one's) hand, eating out of (one's hand), at (one's) beck and call

Other Words for Under Protest

Under Protest Noun Synonyms: unwillingly, reluctantly, involuntarily

Other Words for Under The Influence

Under The Influence Preposition Synonyms: drunk, tipsy, high, impaired

Other Words for Under The Weather

Under The Weather Adjective Synonyms: ailing, ill, sickly, unwell, indisposed, out of sorts, sick, poorly, seedy

Other Words for Under Way

Under Way Noun Synonyms: proceeding, progressing, on the move, moving, advancing, going, begun, started, in progress, operating, functioning, at work, in work, in the works, in the pipeline

Other Words for Underclothes

Underclothes Preposition Synonyms: underclothing, underwear, undergarments, lingerie, unmentionables, underthings, undies, smalls, small-clothes, skivvies

Other Words for Undercover

Undercover Preposition Synonyms: secret, private, clandestine, confidential

Other Words for Undercurrent

Undercurrent Adverb Synonyms: undertone, subcurrent, trend, tendency, overtone, tenor, suggestion, murmur, implication, connotation, sense, feeling, aura, tinge, flavor, atmosphere, ambience or ambiance, vibrations, vibes
Undercurrent Preposition Synonyms: undertow, cross-current, rip tide, rip (current), underflow

Other Words for Undercut

Undercut Adjective Synonyms: underprice, undercharge, sacrifice, sell cheaply or at a loss, undersell
Undercut Noun Synonyms: undermine, excavate, hollow out, cut out or away, gouge out

Other Words for Underdog

Underdog Noun Synonyms: loser, scapegoat, victim, vanquished, defenseless, fall guy, little fellow or guy

Other Words for Underestimate

Underestimate Noun Synonyms: undervalue, underrate, discount, misjudge, miscalculate, misprize, minimize, depreciate, belittle, not do justice to, fail to appreciate, set (too) little store by, think (too) little of

Other Words for Undergo

Undergo Verb Synonyms: suffer, bear, endure, experience, live or go through, be subjected to, subject oneself to, sustain, submit to, weather, stand, withstand

Other Words for Underground

Underground Noun Synonyms: secret, clandestine, concealed, hidden, covert, undercover, surreptitious, stealthy, private
Underground Adjective Synonyms: resistance, partisans or partizans, freedom fighters, (in France) Maquis, insurgents, seditionaries or seditionists, insurrectionists, guerrillas or guerillas, extremists, revolutionaries, fifth-columnists, fifth column, saboteurs, subversives
Underground Verb Synonyms: subterranean, buried, below-ground, sunken, covered

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