Other Words for Undermine

Undermine Adjective Synonyms: sap, drain, disable, weaken, debilitate, threaten, sabotage, subvert, damage, hurt, harm, impair, ruin, dash, wreck, spoil, queer, bugger (up)

Other Words for Undersized

Undersized Adjective Synonyms: under-size, little, short, small, petite, tiny, elfin, bantam, slight, mignon(ne), stunted, underdeveloped, runty, runtish, dwarfish, dwarfed, pygmy, squat, underweight, undeveloped

Other Words for Understand

Understand Verb Synonyms: interpret, take, read, gather from, construe, surmise from, assume from, infer from, view, see
Understand Noun Synonyms: grasp, comprehend, see, perceive, discern, make out, get the drift or the hang of, appreciate, interpret, take cognizance of, recognize, be aware or conscious of, be conversant with, know, realize, conceive of, be aware (of), apprehend, penetrate,
Understand Adjective Synonyms: hear (of), gather, get wind (of), take it, be told or informed or advised, have found out or learnt, hear tell

Other Words for Understanding

Understanding Noun Synonyms: intellect, intelligence, mind, brain, brainpower, sense, reason, reasoning power, wisdom, brains
Understanding Verb Synonyms: agreement, contract, arrangement, bargain, covenant, concession, pact, compact, accord, treaty, concordat, entente, alliance, truce, armistice, reconciliation, settlement

Other Words for Understated

Understated Noun Synonyms: subtle, restrained, low-key, simple, basic, unembellished, unadorned

Other Words for Understood

Understood Noun Synonyms: accepted, agreed, arranged, given, covenanted, settled, conceded

Other Words for Understudy

Understudy Noun Synonyms: second, substitute, stand-in, alternate, backup, double, sub, reserve, pinch-hitter

Other Words for Undertake

Undertake Adjective Synonyms: assume, take on or upon (oneself), accept, take or assume or bear the responsibility for, enter upon, begin, start, set about, embark on, tackle, try, attempt

Other Words for Undertaker

Undertaker Noun Synonyms: mortician, funeral director

Other Words for Undertaking

Undertaking Verb Synonyms: enterprise, affair, business, project, task, effort, venture, work, feat

Other Words for Underworld

Underworld Noun Synonyms: nether regions, abode of the dead, Hades, Hell, Avernus, Dis, Orcus, Egyptian underground

Other Words for Underwrite

Underwrite Noun Synonyms: back (up), finance, support, invest in, subsidize, subvene, sponsor, uphold, approve, insure, guarantee, subvene

Other Words for Undesirable

Undesirable Noun Synonyms: persona non grata, pariah, outcast, exile, reject, leper

Other Words for Undeveloped

Undeveloped Verb Synonyms: embryonic, premature, immature, incipient, inchoate, potential, latent

Other Words for Undiluted

Undiluted Verb Synonyms: pure, neat, straight, unmixed, uncut, unblended, unadulterated, unwatered, unalloyed

Other Words for Undisciplined

Undisciplined Noun Synonyms: untrained, unschooled, unprepared, untutored, uneducated, untaught, unpracticed, uncontrolled, disobedient, naughty, bad, wilful, wayward, unrestrained, erratic, unpredictable, unruly, wild

Other Words for Undisguised

Undisguised Adjective Synonyms: open, out-and-out, unmistakable or unmistakeable, overt, unconcealed, unreserved, unrestrained, unfeigned, unpretended, obvious, evident, patent, clear, explicit, transparent, sincere, heartfelt, unalloyed, unmitigated

Other Words for Undisputed

Undisputed Adjective Synonyms: unquestioned, unquestionable, beyond question, accepted, acknowledged, admitted, indisputable, indubitable, undoubted, certain, sure, unmistakable or unmistakeable, definite, explicit, clear, (self-)evident, obvious, uncontested, unchallenged, incontestab

Other Words for Undistinguished

Undistinguished Adjective Synonyms: ordinary, commonplace, common, everyday, run-of-the-mill, pedestrian, unexceptional, plain, homespun, simple, prosaic, unremarkable, mediocre, middling, indifferent, unexciting, unimpressive, unpretentious, homely, so so, no great shakes, no b

Other Words for Undivided

Undivided Adjective Synonyms: whole, entire, unbroken, uncut, intact, unseparated, complete, unsplit

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