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Ultra- Adjective Synonyms
extreme, immoderate, excessive, drastic, radical, fanatic(al), unmitigated, outrageous, unqualified, sheer, blatant, out-and-out, complete, thorough, thoroughgoing, dyed in the wool, die-hard, rabid, opinionated, unregenerate, unrepentant, unreformed
Ultra-conservativism marked his views till the day he died.

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Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund

Business / Finance / Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund: Applies to derivative products. Firm proprietary software that stores, and sends baskets of stock through SEAQ to either the NYSE or the curb for program trading. MORE

Ordinary Emulsion

Entertainment / Photography / Ordinary Emulsion: Is a term applied to a photographic emulsion which is only sensitive to ultra-violet and blue light. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Panchromatic: Photographic emulsion sensitive to all the colors of the visible spectrum and to a certain amount of ultra-violet light. The sensitivity is not uniform throughout the spectrum. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Furmint: Widely grown grape in Hungary and eastern Europe. Recent DNA analysis (2002) suggests the variety resulted from a Heunisch Weiss/Gouais Blanc c├ępage cross with an unknown hungarian variety. Has some MORE

Aerial Perspective

Entertainment / Photography / Aerial Perspective: The distance or depth effect caused by atmospheric haze. Haze creates a large amount of extraneous ultra-violet light to which all photographic emulsions are sensitive. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Catawba: This historically important variety is reportedly a N. Carolina chance seedling, selected prior to 1807, that originated in the Piedmont region of that State and was named after the nearby Catawba riv MORE