Other Words for Umbrella

Umbrella Adverb Synonyms
parasol, gamp, brolly, bumbershoot
You will need an umbrella today.

Umbrella Noun Synonyms
protection, cover, coverage, aegis, shield, screen, patronage, agency
What benefits are included under the umbrella of this policy.

More Words for Umbrella

Screen / Cover / Protection / Patronage

Umbrella Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Umbrella Ball: A high hit that nevertheless results in a strike; so called because the pins fan out as they fall into something like an umbrella pattern, rather than being scattered around. MORE

Tax Umbrella

Business / Finance / Tax Umbrella: Swapping two similar bonds to receive a tax benefit. MORE

Umbrella Personal Liability Policy

Business / Finance / Umbrella Personal Liability Policy: A mutual fund that invests in bonds with very short maturity periods, usually one year or less. MORE


Business / Finance / Conglomerate: Mortgage loans that meet the qualifications of Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, which are bought from lenders and issued as pass-through securities. MORE

Élevage (France)

Life Style / Wine / Élevage (France): An umbrella term describing all the winery processes after alcoholic fermentation up to bottling - such as fining, filtration and barrel ageing. It literally describes the 'bringing up' of the wine. MORE

Private Equity

Business / Taxes / Private Equity: Private equity is an umbrella term for large amounts of money raised directly from accredited individuals and institutions and pooled in a fund that invests in a range of business ventures. The attrac MORE