Other Words for Umpire

Umpire Adjective Synonyms
referee, arbiter, judge, moderator, adjudicator, arbitrator, official, ref, umpy, ump
The sides agree to abide by the decision of the umpire.

Umpire Noun Synonyms
referee, arbitrate, judge, moderate, adjudicate, officiate
When Peter Jones umpires a game, the players know they will get a fair decision.

More Words for Umpire



Entertainment / Bowling / Cross-Over: A ball that results in a Brooklyn hit. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Out: A declaration by the umpire that a player who is trying for a base is not entitled to that base. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Safe: A declaration by the umpire that a runner who is trying for a base has not been tagged or forced out, and is therefore entitled to that base. MORE

Line Judge

Entertainment / Tennis / Line Judge: A person designated to observe the passage of tennis balls over the boundary lines of the court. A line judge can declare that a play was within or outside of the play area and cannot be overruled by MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Overrule: Reversing a call from the linesperson, done by the umpire MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Referee: The primary official(s) on the ice who makes sure that the rules of the game are followed. The referee wears on orange armband on his black-and-white sweater. MORE