Other Words for Unacceptable

Unacceptable Adjective Synonyms
unsatisfactory, objectionable, wrong, bad, improper, unallowable, undesirable, not de rigueur, distasteful, disagreeable, unsuitable, inappropriate, unpleasant, tasteless
Murder is generally regarded as an unacceptable way to relieve oneself of unwanted company.

More Words for Unacceptable



Science / Psychiatry / Alienation: The estrangement felt in a setting one views as foreign, unpredictable, or unacceptable. For example, in depersonalization phenomena, feelings of unreality or strangeness produce a sense of alienatio MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Suppression: The conscious effort to control and conceal unacceptable impulses, thoughts, feelings, or acts. MORE


Science / Biology / Substitution: A type of mutation in which one base is substituted for another. MORE


Business / Finance / Projection: The use of econometric models to forecast the future performance of a company, country, or other financial entity using historical and current information. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Repression: defense mechanism in which unacceptable affects, ideas or wishes are pushed away so that they remain in the unconscious MORE

Black Spanish

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Black Spanish: Has several synonym names including Burgundy, Jacquez, Lenoir and Blue French. N.B:The latter name not to be confused with the same synonym for the V.vinifera Blaufrankisch variety. The named cultivar MORE