Other Words for Vent

Vent Adjective Synonyms: opening, slit, slot, hole, aperture, air-hole, blow-hole, spiracle, orifice, outlet, inlet, funnel, flue, duct, passage, fumarole, fissure, pipe, mofette or moffette
Vent Noun Synonyms: give vent to, express, verbalize, air, articulate, enunciate, declare, voice, announce, communicate, pronounce, proclaim, reveal, release, let go, let loose, allow to become known, make known, blurt out, make public, broadcast

Other Words for Venture

Venture Noun Synonyms: jeopardize, risk, endanger, hazard, imperil, gamble, bet, wager, plunge, put down
Venture Adjective Synonyms: risk, chance, hazardous undertaking, experiment, speculation, gamble, plunge, fling

Other Words for Venturesome

Venturesome Verb Synonyms: daring, bold, intrepid, adventurous, courageous, plucky, adventuresome, audacious, fearless, doughty, brave, spirited

Other Words for Verbal

Verbal Verb Synonyms: word-for-word, verbatim, literal
Verbal Noun Synonyms: spoken, oral, vocal, said, uttered, expressed, enunciated, articulated, colloquial, conversational, viva voce, word-of-mouth, unwritten

Other Words for Verbatim

Verbatim Adjective Synonyms: word-for-word, verbatim et literatim (= 'word-for-word and letter for letter'), literal, exact, precise, accurate, faithful, strict

Other Words for Verge

Verge Adjective Synonyms: edge, border, boundary, margin, brink, threshold, brim

Other Words for Verge On

Verge On Adjective Synonyms: border (on), approach, come close or near (to), be asymptotic to

Other Words for Verify

Verify Adverb Synonyms: affirm, confirm, testify to, attest (to), bear witness to, vouch for, corroborate, support, substantiate, clinch or clench, prove, demonstrate, show, bear out, authenticate, validate, certify, guarantee, back up, warrant

Other Words for Veritable

Veritable Noun Synonyms: real, true, virtual, genuine, actual, legitimate, authentic

Other Words for Vernacular

Vernacular Noun Synonyms: native, local, regional, indigenous, autochthonous
Vernacular Verb Synonyms: popular, informal, colloquial, conversational, ordinary, familiar, everyday, spoken, vulgar, vulgate, plain, simple, straightforward, easy

Other Words for Versatile

Versatile Verb Synonyms: adaptable, resourceful, all-round, all-purpose, many-sided, multi-purpose, multifaceted, flexible, adjustable, protean, dexterous, handy, facile
Versatile Adjective Synonyms: variable, changeable, protean, changing, flexible, fluctuating

Other Words for Version

Version Noun Synonyms: story, account, rendering, rendition, translation, interpretation, reading, understanding, view, side
Version Adjective Synonyms: form, variant, variation, type, model, style, kind, variety, manifestation, portrayal, adaptation, rendition, interpretation, adaptation, construct, construction, conception, idea

Other Words for Vertex

Vertex Adjective Synonyms: top, tip, extremity, zenith, meridian, apogee, peak, apex, acme, summit, pinnacle, crest, crown, cap, height(s)

Other Words for Vertigo

Vertigo Adjective Synonyms: dizziness, light-headedness, giddiness, instability, wooziness

Other Words for Verve

Verve Adjective Synonyms: spirit, vivacity, vivaciousness, vitality, life, liveliness, animation, sparkle, energy, vigor, exuberance, briskness, brio, esprit, dash, flair, panache, flourish, enthusiasm, zeal, zest, gusto, pizazz, zip, vim, get-up-and-go, zing, oomph

Other Words for Very

Very Noun Synonyms: extremely, truly, really, to a great extent, exceedingly, greatly, (very) much, profoundly, deeply, acutely, unusually, extraordinarily, uncommonly, exceptionally, remarkably, absolutely, completely, entirely, altogether, totally, quite, rather, hugely, v

Other Words for Vessel

Vessel Adverb Synonyms: craft, boat, ship, ark, barque or also bark
Vessel Noun Synonyms: container, receptacle, utensil, holder

Other Words for Vestige

Vestige Adverb Synonyms: trace, suggestion, hint, glimmer, inkling, suspicion, sign, evidence, mark, token, scent, whiff, tinge, taste, remnant, scrap, fragment, memorial, residue, relic, remains

Other Words for Vestigial

Vestigial Adjective Synonyms: imperfect, undeveloped, underdeveloped, rudimentary, incomplete

Other Words for Vet

Vet Adjective Synonyms: examine, review, investigate, scrutinize, inspect, check (out), look over, scan, validate, authenticate, give (something or someone) the once-over, size up

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