Other Words for Veteran

Veteran Noun Synonyms: old hand, past master, old-timer, trouper, warhorse

Other Words for Veto

Veto Adjective Synonyms: denial, ban, stoppage, block, embargo, turn-down, rejection, disallowance, quashing, prevention, prohibition, interdiction,, proscription, preclusion, vetoing, killing, nixing
Veto Noun Synonyms: stop, block, deny, ban, turn down, reject, disallow, rule out, quash, prevent, prohibit, interdict,, outlaw, proscribe, preclude, put the kibosh on, kill, nix

Other Words for Viable

Viable Verb Synonyms: sustainable, supportable, sensible, reasonable, practical, practicable, applicable, workable, feasible, possible

Other Words for Vibes

Vibes Noun Synonyms: vibrations, feelings, sensations, resonance(s), rapport, empathy, sympathy

Other Words for Vibrate

Vibrate Adjective Synonyms: quiver, shiver, shudder, fluctuate, quake, shake, tremble, throb, pulsate, oscillate, pulse, reverberate, resonate, judder

Other Words for Vicarious

Vicarious Verb Synonyms: surrogate, delegated, deputed, commissioned, assigned, indirect, substituted
Vicarious Noun Synonyms: poverty, need, indigence, homelessness, destitution, privation, pauperism, penury, neediness, impecuniousness

Other Words for Vice

Vice Adjective Synonyms: immorality, corruption, evil, badness, depravity, degradation, degeneracy, iniquity, villainy, venality, evil-doing, wickedness, profligacy, sin, sinfulness, transgression
Vice Noun Plural Synonyms: flaw, defect, fault, imperfection, blemish, shortcoming, failing, weakness, frailty, foible, infirmity, deficiency

Other Words for Vice Versa

Vice Versa Verb Synonyms: conversely, contrariwise, to or on the contrary, reversed, the other way around

Other Words for Vicinity

Vicinity Adjective Synonyms: area, neighborhood, locale, vicinage, environs, locality, precincts, purlieus, territory

Other Words for Vicious

Vicious Adjective Synonyms: immoral, unprincipled, amoral, barbarous, corrupt, evil, bad, base, depraved, vile, atrocious, execrable, degraded, degrading, degenerate, venal, iniquitous, heinous, odious, perverted, nefarious, wicked, flagitious, devilish, diabolic(al), fiendish, mons
Vicious Noun Synonyms: malicious, spiteful, mean, nasty, hateful, malevolent, malignant, bitter, acrimonious, rancorous, venomous, vindictive, defamatory, slanderous, scandalous, rotten, bitchy

Other Words for Vicissitude

Vicissitude Adverb Synonyms: change, mutation, alteration, changeability, mutability, variation, variability, variety, alternation, flux, fluctuation, unpredictability

Other Words for Vicissitudes

Vicissitudes Noun Synonyms: fluctuations, changes, variations, contrasts, inconstancy, unpredictability, uncertainties, ups and downs, flukiness

Other Words for Victim

Victim Adjective Synonyms: sufferer, martyr, casualty, scapegoat, sacrificial lamb, injured party

Other Words for Victimize

Victimize Adjective Synonyms: prey on, pursue, go after, pick on, bully, take advantage of, persecute, exploit,e
Victimize Noun Synonyms: cheat, swindle, bilk, defraud, dupe, hoodwink, deceive, gull, fool, trick, outwit, outsmart, outfox, snooker, flimflam, suck or sucker in, screw, shaft, take (in), rook

Other Words for Victor

Victor Noun Synonyms: winner, champion, conqueror, prizewinner

Other Words for Victorious

Victorious Noun Synonyms: triumphant, successful

Other Words for Victory

Victory Noun Synonyms: triumph, conquest, supremacy, superiority, success, overcoming, mastery, winning, quelling, crushing

Other Words for Vie

Vie Verb Synonyms: compete, contend, struggle, strive

Other Words for View

View Noun Synonyms: opinion, point of view, approach, position, judgment, belief, way of thinking, conception, understanding, impression, feeling, sentiment, notion
View Verb Synonyms: outlook, aspect, prospect, scene, perspective, vista, panorama, spectacle, picture, tableau, landscape, seascape, cityscape
View Adjective Synonyms: aspect, angle, position, prospect, perspective, vision, representation, projection

Other Words for Viewpoint

Viewpoint Noun Synonyms: standpoint, (point of) view, attitude, angle, slant, position, stance, vantage point, perspective, frame of reference, way of thinking, context

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