Other Words for Vigilance

Vigilance Noun Synonyms: watchfulness, alertness, observance, guardedness, circumspection, attentiveness, caution

Other Words for Vigilant

Vigilant Verb Synonyms: watchful, alert, sharp, observant, guarded, circumspect, attentive, wakeful, cautious, careful, wary, chary, on one's guard, on the alert, on the lookout, eagle-eyed, hawk-eyed, Argus-eyed, on the qui vive, on one's toes, with one's eyes open, with

Other Words for Vigor

Vigor Noun Synonyms: vitality, resilience, strength, power, energy, forcefulness, force, stamina, endurance, mettle, mettlesomeness, pith, dynamism, spirit, liveliness, animation, verve, vivacity, exuberance, brio, briskness, zest, zealousness, enthusiasm, gusto, eagerness, C

Other Words for Vigorous

Vigorous Verb Synonyms: energetic, active, vivacious, dynamic, brisk, lively, spirited, robust, strong, hardy, hale, hearty, vital, fit, lusty, stalwart, in good or fine fettle, spry, sprightly, resilient, peppy, full of pep, full of get-up-and-go, full of beans

Other Words for Vigorously

Vigorously Verb Synonyms: energetically, actively, vivaciously, dynamically, briskly, spiritedly, robustly, strongly, hardily, heartily, lustily, stalwartly, eagerly, with might and main, with a vengeance, strenuously, like mad, like crazy, hammer and tongs

Other Words for Vile

Vile Noun Synonyms: base, abject, contemptible, debased, degenerate, depraved, bad, iniquitous, execrable, atrocious, sordid, immoral, amoral, wicked, evil, sinful, hellish, fiendish, ignoble, revolting, despicable, horrid, horrible, dreadful, terrible, corrupt, mean, wretch
Vile Adjective Synonyms: disgusting, nasty, sickening, nauseous, nauseating, foul, loathsome, offensive, noxious, repulsive, repellent, repugnant

Other Words for Vilify

Vilify Adjective Synonyms: depreciate, devalue, deprecate, debase, disparage, denigrate, diminish, traduce, defame, speak ill of, revile, slander, libel, abuse, defile, sully, smear, tarnish, malign, calumniate, asperse, run down, decry, vilipend, bad-mouth

Other Words for Villain

Villain Adverb Synonyms: wretch, evil-doer, criminal, miscreant, blackguard, rogue, rascal, cad, scallywag or scalawag, malefactor, scoundrel, dog, cur, viper, reptile, snake in the grass, rat, rapscallion, knave, caitiff, bounder, blighter, bas

Other Words for Villainous

Villainous Noun Synonyms: treacherous, perfidious, dishonest, unscrupulous, traitorous, corrupt, faithless, criminal, felonious, murderous, crooked, bent

Other Words for Vindicate

Vindicate Adjective Synonyms: clear, exonerate, absolve, acquit, exculpate, excuse

Other Words for Vindictive

Vindictive Verb Synonyms: avenging, vengeful, vindicatory, revengeful, retaliatory, spiteful, unforgiving, splenetic, resentful, rancorous, implacable

Other Words for Vintage

Vintage Verb Synonyms: antiquated, old-fashioned, old-fogyish or old-fogeyish, antique, bygone, old-time, collector or collector's, over the hill
Vintage Adjective Synonyms: quality, choice, superior, better, good, select, best, classic, aged, seasoned, mature(d), mellow(ed)
Vintage Noun Synonyms: year, crop, harvest, origin, generation

Other Words for Violate

Violate Verb Synonyms: break, breach, disobey, disregard, contravene, infringe, ignore
Violate Adjective Synonyms: dishonour, desecrate, profane, defile, degrade, debase, treat irreverently
Violate Noun Synonyms: rape, debauch, ravish, ravage, molest, attack, assault, outrage

Other Words for Violation

Violation Adjective Synonyms: infringement, breach, disregard, disobedience, contravention, abuse, ignoring, infringing, breaching, disregarding, disobeying, contravening, abusing, violating
Violation Verb Synonyms: rape, ravishment, molestation, attack, outrage, assault, violating

Other Words for Violence

Violence Verb Synonyms: (brute or physical) force, might, mightiness, power, strength, severity, intensity, energy, vehemence, ferocity, ferociousness, fierceness, fury, vigor, destructiveness, virulence

Other Words for Violent

Violent Noun Synonyms: wild, physical, destructive, vehement, brutal, brutish, beastly, nasty, cruel, mean, barbarous, inhuman, savage, fierce, ferocious, furious, frenzied, uncontrollable, untamed, ungovernable, raging, raving, irrational, insane, crazed, fit to be tied

Other Words for Virtual

Virtual Noun Synonyms: effective, essential, practical, understood, accepted

Other Words for Virtually

Virtually Noun Synonyms: essentially, effectively, practically, almost, to all intents and purposes, for all practical purposes, more or less, nearly, as good as, substantially, in effect, in essence

Other Words for Virtue

Virtue Adjective Synonyms: morality, high-mindedness, honor, goodness, justness, righteousness, fairness, integrity, right-mindedness, honesty, probity, uprightness, rectitude, decency, worth, worthiness, nobility, character, respectability

Other Words for Virtuosity

Virtuosity Adverb Synonyms: (technical) skill, technique, ability, expertise, mastery, excellence, brilliance, craftsmanship, craft, flair, dash, panache, pyrotechnics, showmanship, show, staginess, razzle-dazzle

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