Other Words for Vogue

Vogue Adjective Synonyms: fashion, mode, style, look, taste, trend, rage, craze, last word, dernier cri, (latest) thing, fad, the latest

Other Words for Voice

Voice Adjective Synonyms: speech, utterance, articulation, words, expression
Voice Noun Synonyms: share, part, vote, participation, say, decision, option, turn, chance

Other Words for Void

Void Verb Synonyms: space, niche, slot, opening, place, vacancy, gap, emptiness
Void Noun Synonyms: null and void, invalid, not (legally) binding, inoperative, unenforceable, ineffectual, futile, ineffective, vain, unavailing, idle,eless, pointless, bootless
Void Adjective Synonyms: nullify, annul, cancel, delete, disannul, declare or render null and void, invalidate, quash, vacate, discharge, abandon, disestablish, neutralize, disenact, set or put aside, rescind, reverse, abnegate, abrogate

Other Words for Void Of

Void Of Noun Synonyms: devoid of, without, lacking, destitute of

Other Words for Volatile

Volatile Noun Synonyms: changeable, fickle, flighty, inconstant, erratic, restless, unstable, variable, mercurial, capricious
Volatile Adjective Synonyms: vaporizing, evaporable, evaporative

Other Words for Volition

Volition Verb Synonyms: (free) will, choice, option, choosing, choice, discretion, preference

Other Words for Volley

Volley Adjective Synonyms: outpouring, torrent, flood, deluge, inundation, burst, storm, outbreak
Volley Verb Synonyms: salvo, bombardment, barrage, cannonade, fusillade, discharge, hail, shower

Other Words for Voluble

Voluble Adjective Synonyms: talkative, glib, fluent, loquacious, garrulous, chatty, profuse, gossipy, exuberant, long-winded, bombastic, windy, wordy, blessed with the gift of the gab

Other Words for Volume

Volume Noun Synonyms: amount, quantity, supply, mass, bulk, abundance, sum total, aggregate

Other Words for Voluminous

Voluminous Adjective Synonyms: large, extensive, great, spacious, capacious, expansive, roomy, loose, ample, big, ample, bulky, cavernous, copious, massive, huge, substantial, tremendous, enormous, gigantic, mammoth, vast
Voluminous Noun Synonyms: oversized, out-sized, ample, billowing

Other Words for Voluntarily

Voluntarily Noun Synonyms: freely, willingly, spontaneously, of (one's) own free will, on (one's) own (initiative or recognizance or responsibility), without prompting, without being prompted or asked, gratis, gratuitously, by choice, intentionally, purposely, on purpose, deliberat

Other Words for Voluntary

Voluntary Noun Synonyms: free, elective, willing, spontaneous, unsolicited, unbidden, unasked, gratuitous, contributed

Other Words for Voluptuous

Voluptuous Adjective Synonyms: sensual, sensualistic, sensuous, luxurious, voluptuary, sybaritic(al), hedonist(ic), pleasure-seeking, pleasure-loving, luxury-loving, (self-)indulgent

Other Words for Vomit

Vomit Adverb Synonyms: spew out or up, spit up, belch forth, regurgitate, throw up, gag, retch, heave, keck, puke, return (food), sick up, chunder, barf, upchuck, toss (one's) cookies, spiff (one's) biscuits

Other Words for Voracious

Voracious Adjective Synonyms: insatiable, gluttonous, ravenous, ravening, rapacious, piggish, hoggish, cormorant, predacious, edacious, devouring, greedy, avaricious, esurient, uncontrollable, uncontrolled, unquenchable, enormous, prodigious, cormorant

Other Words for Vote

Vote Adjective Synonyms: ballot, ticket, show of hands, referendum, plebiscite
Vote Verb Synonyms: opt, choose, come out (for or against), express or signify (one's) opinion or preference or desire

Other Words for Vouch For

Vouch For Adjective Synonyms: support, guarantee, back (up), endorse, certify, uphold, sponsor, bear witness, attest to

Other Words for Vouchsafe

Vouchsafe Noun Synonyms: offer, give (up), yield, accord, supply, grant, impart, bestow, deign or condescend to give

Other Words for Vow

Vow Noun Synonyms: swear, pledge, promise, assure, state, declare, give (one's) (solemn) word (of honor)
Vow Verb Synonyms: oath, pledge, promise, agreement, (solemn) word (of honor)

Other Words for Vulgar

Vulgar Verb Synonyms: indelicate, boorish, uncultured, uncultivated, low, unrefined, common, plebeian, inelegant, unladylike, ungentlemanly, gauche, uncouth, coarse, tasteless, ostentatious, ignoble, low-class, flash

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