Other Words for Vacate

Vacate Adjective Synonyms
give up, relinquish, sacrifice, renounce, let go, resign, abdicate, cede, give up right or claim to, abandon
We vacated all claims to my aunt's property.

annul, declare null and void, nullify, void, repudiate, override, overrule, rescind, revoke, recall, quash, set aside, invalidate
The judge vacated the defendant's plea of diminished capacity.

Vacate Noun Synonyms
leave, depart, withdraw from, quit, evacuate, get or go out of, desert, abandon
In a fire drill, employees must vacate the building in five minutes.

More Words for Vacate

Void / Desert / Leave


Business / Construction / Walk-Through: A final inspection of a home before 'Closing' to look for and document problems that need to be corrected. MORE

30-Day Notice

Business / Real Estate / 30-Day Notice: Notice to vacate a premises under a periodic tenancy. Notice must be for the rent period, but not more than 30 days. MORE

Tenancy For Years

Business / Real Estate / Tenancy For Years: A tenancy for a definite period of time. The tenant must vacate the property at the end of the lease unless an extension or new lease has been agreed upon. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Recruitment: The practice of soliciting and actively seeking applicants to fill recently vacated or newly created positions using a variety of methods (i.e., internal job postings, advertising in newspapers or ele MORE