Other Words for Vaguely

Vaguely Adjective Synonyms
distantly, remotely, indefinitely, dimly, subliminally, subconsciously, inexplicably
I became vaguely aware of another presence in the room.

idly, vacantly, detachedly, absent-mindedly, dreamily, absently, distractedly
Manton listened only vaguely to the judge's words.

ambiguously, imprecisely, inexactly, unclearly, confusedly, confusingly, hazily, fuzzily, nebulously, obscurely
Kenston claims that he expresses his theories vaguely to allow for broad interpretation.

Sustainable Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Sustainable Coffee: At this writing, a contested and vaguely defined category of environmentally friendly coffees. A caucus in the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is attempting to evolve reliable guideline MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Surrealism: An artistic movement doing away with the restrictions of realism and verisimilitude that might be imposed on an artist. In this movement, the artist sought to do away with conscious control and instea MORE

Blanc Du Bois

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Blanc Du Bois: White-wine producer cultivar with Muscat-like flavor released (1987) for use in Florida where it has had medal winning success for vaguely Riesling-like varietal still wine and sparkling wine blends. MORE

Catarrato Bianco

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Catarrato Bianco: Variety native to Sicily where it is found widely grown along the western coast. Usually blended with Grillo and the Inzolia white wines to create versions of historically interesting 'Marsala' wine i MORE

St. Vincent

Life Style / Wine Grapes / St. Vincent: Late ripening (Oct) harsh-cold hardy red wine grape variety grown in mid-Ohio that is thought by some to be a Dr. Hansen release from the Missouri State Grape Research Station at Mountain Grove. If th MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Drupeggio: Variety grown in the Orvieta DOC, Umbria, Italy. Has synonym names Drupeccio and Lupeccio. Usually the wine from this grape is blended with several others, eg. Verdello and Greco Bianco, to create the MORE