Other Words for Variant

Variant Adjective Synonyms
alternative, modification, variation
'Labor' is an American spelling variant of 'labour'.

Variant Noun Synonyms
varying, variable, changing, altering, unstable, deviant, deviating, different, differing, separate, distinct
It is claimed that the law is given variant interpretations depending on the social standing of the suspect.

More Words for Variant


Textual Variant

Entertainment / Literature / Textual Variant: A version of a text that has differences in wording or structure compared with other texts, especially one with missing lines or extra lines added. In some cases, textual variants reflect the differen MORE

Press Variant

Entertainment / Literature / Press Variant: Unlike a deliberately revised edition printed at a later date, a press variant is a minor and usually unintentional variation among books printed in the same edition or print run. Greenblatt notes the MORE

Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD)

Health / Disease / Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD): An infectious disease that affects the brain and nervous system in humans. The infectious agent in vCJD is believed to be a specific type of misfolded protein called a prion. vCJD is thought to be ca MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Allozyme: A variant of an enzyme type. These may be variants of a specific enzyme (e.g., cytochrome c) that are the products of a single genetic locus. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Arenacross: Arenacross is a variant of Supercross performed inside athletic arenas. These shows are promoted by large companies and attract large audiences and TV coverage. The jumps are more spectacular and clos MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Motocross: Off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed, rough circuits. Motocross is derived from the French, and traces its origins to British Scrambling competitions. The name "motocross" is a contraction deri MORE