Other Words for Varied

Varied Noun Synonyms
diverse, diversified, mixed, miscellaneous, assorted, heterogeneous
An insufficiently varied diet may lead to malnutrition.

The Dakar

Technology / Motorcycle / The Dakar: Formerly known as "The Paris Dakar" and now as "The Lisbon Dakar Rally," or "Dakar Rally," and also simply referred to as "The Dakar." It is an off-road competition comprised of cars, motorcycles, and MORE

Modified Strophic Form

Entertainment / Music / Modified Strophic Form: Song structure that combines elements of strophic and through-composed forms: a variation of strophic form in which a section might have a new key, rhythm, or varied melodic pattern. MORE

Percussion Instrument

Entertainment / Music / Percussion Instrument: Instrument made of metal, wood, stretched skin or other material that is made to sound by striking, shaking, scraping or plucking. The many varied percussion instruments fall into two basic categories MORE

Steering Damper

Technology / Motorcycle / Steering Damper: In order to prevent or minimize the front wheel from oscillating left and right over varied or bumpy pavement, some street motorcycles utilize a steering damper. On most bikes, this is simply a hydrau MORE


Business / Finance / Portfolio: A collection of investments, real and/or financial. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Knight: A military aristocrat in medieval Europe and England who swore service as a vassal to a liege lord in exchange for control over land. The term comes from the Old English word cniht, meaning young man MORE