Other Words for Variegated

Variegated Adjective Synonyms
multicolour(ed), particolour(ed), varicoloured, many-coloured, motley, pied, piebald, brindled, mottled, polychrome, polychromatic, nacreous, changeant, opalescent, opaline
Plants with variegated foliage always add interest to a garden.

Variegated Wash

Life Style / Painting / Variegated Wash: A wet wash created by blending a variety of discrete colours so that each colour retains it's character while also blending uniquely with the other colours in the wash. MORE

Leyland Cypress

Life Style / Christmas Trees / Leyland Cypress: The name Leyland cypress is used to describe a group of trees where all the members are sterile hybrids. There are no naturally occurring Leyland cypress. They must be propagated by rooted cuttings. T MORE