Other Words for Variety

Variety Adjective Synonyms
sort, brand, make, mark, kind, class, category, breed, type, order, genre, species, genus, classification, strain
Which variety of washing powder do you prefer? Rex cultivated only the rarest varieties of orchid.

Variety Noun Synonyms
difference, heterogeneity, discrepancy, diversity, disparity, variation, contrast
The flora and fauna ofalia display great variety.

diversity, diversification, multifariousness, multiplicity, number, range, assortment, medley, mixture, mix, miscellany, heterogeneity, choice, selection, collection
Don't you find that the variety of foods in supermarkets today is astonishing? There was certainly a wide variety of people at their party.

More Words for Variety

Make / Range / Class / Sort / Mix / Type / Kind / Brand / Number / Order / Mark

Plant Variety Protection Act Of 1970

Business / Agriculture / Plant Variety Protection Act Of 1970: P.L. 91-577 (December 24, 1970) was enacted to provide patent-like protection for new non-hybrid seed varieties. The ultimate goal was to create an incentive for public and private research on new com MORE

Cultivar (cultivated variety)

Life Style / Christmas Trees / Cultivar (cultivated variety): A unique form or type propagated and maintained for specific purposes. MORE

International Variety

Life Style / Wine / International Variety: Grape varieties grown in nearly every major wine region, for example Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Mills: Variety developed about 1870 in Ontario, Canada, reportedly from a Muscat Hamburg seed x Creveling cross. Winter tender and has medium vigor/productivity in New York State. Only succeeds in certain so MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Michurinetz: East European extreme-winter hardy grape of astonishing vigor derived from numerous varieties of european vinifera, plus amurensis rootstock. The name is apparently an anglicized version of 'Miczurino MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Minhota: Variety grown in Portugal and mainly used for white wine. Derived from a Diagalves x Alva V.vinifera cross. No other details as yet. MORE