Other Words for Wisp

Wisp Noun Synonyms: shred, scrap, strand, thread, snippet, tuft, lock

Other Words for Wistful

Wistful Verb Synonyms: melancholy, mournful, sad, morose, sorrowful, disconsolate, heartsick, forlorn, woeful, woebegone, desirous, longing, yearning
Wistful Noun Synonyms: thoughtful, contemplative, pensive, absent-minded, detached, absorbed, in a brown study, preoccupied, meditating, meditative, reflective, ruminating, ruminative, dreamy, dreaming, day-dreaming, musing

Other Words for Wit

Wit Adjective Synonyms: humour, drollery, levity, joking, repartee, raillery, facetiousness, waggishness, badinage, repartee, jocularity, wordplay, paronomasia, amusement, entertainment
Wit Noun Synonyms: intelligence, brains, mind, (common) sense, judgment, understanding, discernment, wisdom, sagacity, insight, astuteness, cleverness, savvy

Other Words for Witch

Witch Adjective Synonyms: sorceress, enchantress, magician, sibyl, pythoness, warlock

Other Words for With A Grain Of Salt

With A Grain Of Salt Noun Synonyms: warily, cautiously, qualifiedly, qualifyingly, doubtfully, sceptically, suspiciously, reservedly, with reservation(s) or qualification(s)

Other Words for With A Vengeance

With A Vengeance Adjective Synonyms: a violently, fiercely, ferociously, wildly, vehemently, furiously, forcefully

Other Words for Withdraw

Withdraw Noun Synonyms: draw back, retract, pull back, recoil, shrink back

Other Words for Withdrawn

Withdrawn Verb Synonyms: reserved, detached, distant, standoffish, aloof, shy, diffident, bashful, timid, timorous, introverted, taciturn, reticent, silent, quiet, retiring, shrinking

Other Words for Withering

Withering Verb Synonyms: destructive, devastating, death-dealing, murderous, deadly

Other Words for Withhold

Withhold Verb Synonyms: hold or keep back, retain, reserve, restrain, control, repress, check, hide, conceal

Other Words for Within Call

Within Call Noun Synonyms: within earshot, within hearing, within reach

Other Words for Within Reason

Within Reason Noun Synonyms: reasonable, sensible, justifiable, rational, fitting, proper, acceptable

Other Words for Without Cease

Without Cease Noun Synonyms: ceaselessly, endlessly, unendingly, incessantly, interminably, continuously, continually, constantly, ad infinitum, infinitely, perpetually, forever, eternally, everlastingly, non-stop, unremittingly

Other Words for Withstand

Withstand Verb Synonyms: resist, oppose, stand (up to), face, defy, confront, combat, grapple with, fight (against), cope with, hold out against, weather, suffer, survive, tolerate, take, bear, last through, endure, brave, stick

Other Words for Witness

Witness Verb Synonyms: see, observe, watch, look on or at, view, behold, mark, note, notice, take in, spot, catch
Witness Adjective Synonyms: observer, onlooker, spectator, viewer, eyewitness, bystander, watcher, earwitness

Other Words for Witticism

Witticism Verb Synonyms: pun, quip, play on words, bon mot, jest, joke, epigram, clever remark, sally, literary conceit, gag, one-liner

Other Words for Witty

Witty Noun Synonyms: ingenious, subtle, clever, humorous, sarcastic, sardonic, piquant, humorous, comic(al), farcical, ludicrous, facetious, amusing, jocular, waggish, droll, funny

Other Words for Wizened

Wizened Noun Synonyms: wrinkled, shrunken, shriveled (up), withered, gnarled, dried up, wilted, faded, wasted

Other Words for Woe

Woe Verb Synonyms: trouble, hardship, adversity, misery, anguish, tribulation, calamity, trial, wretchedness, grief, unhappiness, desolation, dolour, melancholy, gloom, depression, sadness, disconsolateness, misfortune, affliction, sorrow, distress

Other Words for Woebegone

Woebegone Verb Synonyms: troubled, miserable, anguished, wretched, grief-stricken, unhappy, desolate, doleful, dolorous, melancholy, melancholic, gloomy, mournful, sorrowful, depressed, dejected, sad, glum, crestfallen, chap-fallen, lugubrious, downcast, disconsolate, unfortunate

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