Other Words for Worn

Worn Noun Synonyms: shabby, threadbare, tatty, tattered, ragged, frayed

Other Words for Worn Out

Worn Out Noun Synonyms: tired, fatigued, exhausted, frazzled, spent, jaded, played out, haggard, drawn, the worse for wear, dog-tired, all in, done in, dead (on one's feet), beat, pooped

Other Words for Worried

Worried Adverb Synonyms: fearful, apprehensive, anxious, distressed, nervous, uneasy, anguished, disquieted, agonized, agonizing, distraught, on edge, on tenterhooks, ill at ease, troubled, fretful, agitated, perturbed, upset, suffering

Other Words for Worry

Worry Adverb Synonyms: be anxious, be fearful, be concerned, fret, agonize, be distressed, be vexed, stew, bite or chew (one's) nails, go or get grey, get grey hair, sweat blood, sweat bullets
Worry Adjective Synonyms: annoy, irk, pester, nettle, harry, harass, tease, bother, tantalize, torment, plague, hector, badger, nettle, gall, peeve, hassle

Other Words for Worsen

Worsen Verb Synonyms: weaken, deteriorate, decline, degenerate, decay, slip, sink, slide, fail, disintegrate, take a turn for the worse, get worse, go from bad to worse, go downhill
Worsen Adjective Synonyms: increase, exacerbate, heighten, intensify, aggravate

Other Words for Worship

Worship Verb Synonyms: venerate, revere, reverence, extol, honor, exalt, praise, admire, adore, adulate, glorify, deify, idolize, be devoted to, pay homage to, bow down before, kneel before, put on a pedestal
Worship Noun Synonyms: veneration, reverence, adoration, devotion, homage, honor, respect, esteem, exaltation, praise, admiration, adulation, glorification, deification, idolatry

Other Words for Worth

Worth Noun Synonyms: quality, merit, value, advantage, benefit, good, importance, significance,efulness

Other Words for Worthless

Worthless Verb Synonyms: valueless, unimportant, insignificant, inessential or unessential, dispensable, disposable, paltry

Other Words for Worthwhile

Worthwhile Noun Synonyms: profitable, justifiable, productive, gainful, rewarding, fruitful, cost-effective, remunerative

Other Words for Worthy

Worthy Noun Synonyms: worthwhile, deserving, meriting, meritorious, praiseworthy, good, estimable, qualified, creditable
Worthy Adjective Synonyms: dignitary, personage, notable, eminence, luminary

Other Words for Would Like

Would Like Noun Synonyms: prefer, want, wish, ask

Other Words for Would Rather

Would Rather Verb Synonyms: prefer, choose

Other Words for Wound

Wound Adjective Synonyms: damage, hurt, injury, trauma, traumatism, laceration, puncture, cut, gash, slash, lesion, bruise, contusion

Other Words for Wrap

Wrap Verb Synonyms: stole, shawl, mantle, poncho, serape, cloak, cape

Other Words for Wrap Around Your Finger

Wrap Around Your Finger Noun Synonyms: control, dominate, lord it over, have under control, manipulate, maneuver, wield power or authority over, have under one's thumb, have the upper hand over, be master of, influence, make subservient

Other Words for Wrap Up

Wrap Up Noun Synonyms: swathe, swaddle, bind, cover, enwrap, envelop, wind, enshroud, shroud, enfold, fold, muffle, enclose, sheathe, encase, pack, package, do up, gift-wrap

Other Words for Wrapped Up In

Wrapped Up In Noun Synonyms: immersed in, submerged in, buried in, absorbed in, engrossed in, bound up in, involved in, occupied with or by or in, engaged in, dedicated to, devoted to

Other Words for Wrapper

Wrapper Verb Synonyms: housecoat, robe, dressing-gown, bathrobe, kimono, negligee, lounging robe, peignoir, house-dress

Other Words for Wreak

Wreak Verb Synonyms: inflict, exercise, exert, carry out, bring (to bear), visit, effect, work, unleash, execute, impose, force, vent, let go

Other Words for Wreck

Wreck Noun Synonyms: sink, scuttle, run aground, founder, capsize
Wreck Verb Synonyms: destroy, ruin, devastate, demolish, smash, shatter, spoil, dash (to pieces), reduce to nothing, turn into scrap, annihilate

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