Other Words for Warrant

Warrant Noun Synonyms: writ, order, affidavit, paper, document, credential, permit, entitlement, license, permit, summons, subpoena, mandate, decree, fiat, edict, ukase
Warrant Verb Synonyms: authorization, sanction, reason, justification, approval, validation, license, right, certification, entitlement, grounds, cause, rationale, basis, assurance, carte blanche, guarantee, pledge, security, charter, warranty

Other Words for Warranty

Warranty Noun Synonyms: guarantee, assurance, promise, commitment, covenant, undertaking, agreement, pledge, bond

Other Words for Wary

Wary Noun Synonyms: cautious, careful, on (one's) guard, circumspect, prudent, apprehensive, chary, watchful, vigilant, on the qui vive, heedful, observant, on (one's) toes, cagey, leery (of)

Other Words for Wash

Wash Verb Synonyms: splash, spatter, splatter, plash, dash, beat, pound, thrash, break, toss, surge, undulate, rush, run, lap, ripple, roll, flow
Wash Noun Synonyms: wash up, clean (up), cleanse, bathe, shower, douche, douse, scrub (up), shampoo, soap up, lather, launder, scour, soak, rinse, flush, wet, drench, deterge, sponge (off), perform (one's) ablutions, absterge, literary lave,

Other Words for Wash Away

Wash Away Noun Synonyms: erode, wear off or away, remove, delete, erase, expunge, destroy, eradicate, obliterate, extinguish, blot out, wipe out
Wash Away Adjective Synonyms: erode, cut or dig or wear or eat or dredge (away or out), excavate, channel
Wash Away Verb Synonyms: remove, move, transport, carry, bear, convey, deliver, deposit, drive, sweep

Other Words for Wash Down

Wash Down Verb Synonyms: swallow

Other Words for Wash Ones Hands Of

Wash Ones Hands Of Verb Synonyms: stay or keep away from, disown, repudiate, turn (one's) back on, have nothing more or further to do with, get rid of, rid (oneself) of, desert, abandon, leave

Other Words for Washed Out

Washed Out Noun Synonyms: wan, pale, pallid, colourless, faded, lacklustre, flat, blanched, bleached, etiolated

Other Words for Washed Up

Washed Up Noun Synonyms: finished, through, failed, done for, played out, over (and done with), kaput, fini

Other Words for Washout

Washout Noun Synonyms: failure, disaster, d‚bƒcle, (total) loss, fiasco, disappointment, flop, dud, damp squib, lead balloon

Other Words for Waspish

Waspish Noun Synonyms: irascible, bad-tempered, foul-tempered, temperamental, testy, grouchy, sensitive, volatile, querulous, edgy, petulant, spiteful, peevish, cantankerous, curmudgeonly, cross, crabby, crabbed, crotchety, splenetic, grumpy, captious, cranky, crusty

Other Words for Waste

Waste Verb Synonyms: wasting, extravagance, prodigality, wastefulness, squandering, indulgence, lavishness, profligacy, dissoluteness, improvidence, overindulgence
Waste Noun Synonyms: assassinate, murder, kill, put away, rub out, ice
Waste Adjective Synonyms: squander, misuse, throw away, fritter away, misspend, splurge, dissipate, blow

Other Words for Waste Away

Waste Away Adjective Synonyms: diminish, deteriorate, dwindle, decline, decay, atrophy, wither, shrink, weaken, become debilitated, fade, become enervated or enfeebled, regress, ebb, sink

Other Words for Wasteful

Wasteful Noun Synonyms: extravagant, spendthrift, profligate, prodigal, lavish, improvident, unthrifty, uneconomical, overindulgent, open-handed, free-handed, penny wise and pound foolish

Other Words for Wastrel

Wastrel Noun Synonyms: spendthrift, profligate, waster, prodigal, big spender, squanderer
Wastrel Adjective Synonyms: idler, layabout, malingerer, loafer, shirker, good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well, drone, skiver

Other Words for Watch

Watch Adjective Synonyms: observe, regard, look at, gaze at or on, take in, contemplate
Watch Noun Synonyms: vigil, surveillance, observation, lookout
Watch Verb Synonyms: sentry, sentinel, guard, watchman

Other Words for Watch Ones Steps

Watch Ones Steps Noun Synonyms: tread carefully or cautiously, be cautious or careful, exercise care or caution, be wary or discreet, be on the qui vive, be or remain alert, be on one's guard, have or keep one's wits about one, take care or heed, pussyfoot about

Other Words for Watch Out For

Watch Out For Adjective Synonyms: look for, be on the watch or lookout or alert or qui vive (for), guard (against), keep an eye open (for), be watchful (for), note, take note or notice of, be vigilant (for or of), keep (one's) eyes open (for), keep a (sharp) lookou

Other Words for Watchman

Watchman Verb Synonyms: (security) guard, sentinel, sentry, watch, night-watchman, custodian, caretaker, watchdog

Other Words for Water

Water Noun Synonyms: H2O, distilled water, tap water, drinking-water, bottled water, spa water, still water, soda (water), effervescent water, mineral water, sea water, salt water, ditch-water, dishwater, bath-water, branch water, Adam's ale, Latin a

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