Other Words for Water Down

Water Down Noun Synonyms: dilute, weaken, thin out, adulterate, cut, mollify, modify, soften, tone down, qualify

Other Words for Water-Color

Water-Color Noun Synonyms: aquarelle

Other Words for Waterfall

Waterfall Noun Synonyms: cascade, cataract, fall(s), chute, Niagara, force, linn

Other Words for Watertight

Watertight Verb Synonyms: unassailable, impregnable, solid, airtight, flawless, faultless, incontrovertible, without loopholes
Watertight Noun Synonyms: sealed, waterproof

Other Words for Watery

Watery Verb Synonyms: weak, dilute(d), watered down, tasteless, insipid, flavourless, bland, flat, dull, thin, runny, pallid, anaemic, wishy-washy
Watery Noun Synonyms: weeping, teary, tearful, running, weepy, lachrymose, rheumy

Other Words for Wave

Wave Adjective Synonyms: swell, undulation, billow, sea, heave, roller, whitecap, white horse, ripple, wavelet, breaker, comber

Other Words for Way

Way Noun Synonyms: manner, spirit, feeling, sense, character, approach, personality, temperament, disposition, modus vivendi (= 'lifestyle'), nature, technique, style, conduct, habit, behavior pattern, custom
Way Verb Synonyms: progress, passage, advance, headway, speed, velocity, motion, (forward) movement
Way Adjective Synonyms: manner, method, mode, fashion, means, system, course (of action), procedure, approach, scheme, technique, practice, modus operandi, MO (= 'modus operandi')

Other Words for Way-Out

Way-Out Noun Synonyms: bizarre, mad, weird, crazy, strange, odd, peculiar, freakish, freaky, eccentric, queer, abnormal, offbeat, outrageous, wild, exotic, esoteric, kinky, kooky, off-the-wall, far-out, screwy, nutty, flaky, screwball

Other Words for Waylay

Waylay Noun Synonyms: ambush, lie in wait for, await, intercept, pounce upon or on, swoop down on or upon, accost

Other Words for Weak

Weak Adjective Synonyms: weak-minded, dim-witted, dull-witted, slow-witted, foolish, feeble-minded, simple, simple-minded, soft-headed, stupid, dull, moronic, imbecilic, dumb
Weak Noun Synonyms: feeble, frail, fragile, unsubstantial, flimsy, breakable, frangible, delicate, rickety, unsteady, unsound, decrepit, shaky, infirm
Weak Verb Synonyms: frail, infirm, debilitated, enervated, delicate, sickly, anaemic, wasted, decrepit, puny, effete, worn out, tired, exhausted

Other Words for Weaken

Weaken Adjective Synonyms: debilitate, enfeeble, enervate, emasculate, mitigate, moderate, dilute, deplete, diminish, lessen, depress, lower, reduce, sap, undermine, exhaust, impoverish

Other Words for Weakling

Weakling Adjective Synonyms: milksop, baby, mollycoddle, lightweight, namby-pamby, milquetoast, sissy or also cissy, loser, cream puff, jellyfish, pushover, softie or softy, wimp, twerp or twirp, weak sister, schnook, schlemiel or schlemihl or shl

Other Words for Weakness

Weakness Verb Synonyms: feebleness, frailty, fragility, delicacy, delicateness, vulnerability, infirmity, decrepitude

Other Words for Wealth

Wealth Noun Synonyms: affluence, riches, money, opulence, prosperity, property, holdings, capital, assets, wherewithal, cash

Other Words for Wealthy

Wealthy Noun Synonyms: rich, affluent, well off, prosperous, well-to-do, opulent, comfortable, moneyed, in the money, on Easy Street, flush, well-heeled, in clover, loaded, stinking (rich), filthy rich, quids in, rolling in it

Other Words for Wear

Wear Noun Synonyms: be dressed or clothed in, dress in, put on, don, be in, step or get into or in, have on, sport
Wear Adjective Synonyms: drag, pass slowly, creep by or along, go by gradually or tediously
Wear Verb Synonyms: bore, exasperate, harass, vex, annoy, irritate, tax, strain

Other Words for Wear Down

Wear Down Noun Synonyms: damage, impair, harm, fray, erode, abrade, corrode, rub (off)

Other Words for Wear Out

Wear Out Verb Synonyms: tire, fatigue, exhaust, debilitate, weary, enervate, drain, burden

Other Words for Wear Well

Wear Well Noun Synonyms: last, endure, survive, hold up, bear up, stand up

Other Words for Weary

Weary Verb Synonyms: tired, fatigued, exhausted, worn out, drained, spent, all in, ready to drop, fagged (out), done in, dead (on (one's) feet), frazzled, dead beat, dog-tired, knocked up, knocked out, whacked, knackered, pooped, zonked (out), sho
Weary Noun Synonyms: exhaust, enervate, fatigue, tire, debilitate, drain, tax, wear or tire out

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