Other Words for Wheel

Wheel Adjective Synonyms: disc, ring, annulus, circle, hoop
Wheel Noun Synonyms: spin, turn, veer, swivel, pivot, swing, whirl

Other Words for Whereabouts

Whereabouts Noun Synonyms: location, position, place, site, situation, locale, neighborhood, vicinity

Other Words for Whet

Whet Verb Synonyms: sharpen, hone, grind, file, put an edge on, strop
Whet Noun Synonyms: pique, sharpen, awaken, arouse, stimulate, kindle, fire, increase, excite, enhance

Other Words for Whimsical

Whimsical Verb Synonyms: quaint, fey, fanciful, odd, curious, unusual, chimeric(al), queer, singular, peculiar, funny, fantastic(al), pixyish, playful, puckish, absurd, preposterous, offbeat
Whimsical Noun Plural Synonyms: capricious, erratic, eccentric, wavering, flighty, unsettled, fickle, mercurial, wavering, fluctuating, unpredictable, inconsistent, volatile, unsteady

Other Words for Whip

Whip Adverb Synonyms: beat, thrash, lash, flog, horsewhip, scourge, switch, cane, birch, flagellate, leather, spank, strap, castigate, chastise, punish, discipline, tan, wale
Whip Verb Synonyms: trounce, defeat, beat, conquer, overwhelm, rout, overcome, overpower, thwart, check, best, worst, drub, stop, outdo, lick, wipe the floor with, batter, pulverize, clobber, destroy, ruin, murder, slaughter, kill, squash, smash, cream
Whip Adjective Synonyms: beat, whisk, fluff up

Other Words for Whip Out

Whip Out Verb Synonyms: yank out, jerk out, pull (out), whisk out, present, exhibit, flash, produce

Other Words for Whip Up

Whip Up Verb Synonyms: stir up, agitate, arouse, rouse, work up, excite, incite

Other Words for Whipping

Whipping Verb Synonyms: beating, thrashing, lashing, flogging, horsewhipping, scourging, switching, caning, birching, flagellation, spanking

Other Words for Whirlpool

Whirlpool Verb Synonyms: maelstrom, vortex, eddy, whirl, swirl, Heraldry gurges

Other Words for Whirlwind

Whirlwind Verb Synonyms: waterspout, dust devil, cyclone, typhoon, anticyclone, hurricane, extra-tropical cyclone, tropical cyclone, Nontechnical tornado, white squall, willy-willy, whirly
Whirlwind Noun Synonyms: speedy, quick, swift, sudden, precipitous, lightning, headlong, hasty, rash, impetuous

Other Words for Whisk

Whisk Adjective Synonyms: beater, whip
Whisk Noun Synonyms: rush, dart, sweep, brush

Other Words for Whisky

Whisky Verb Synonyms: whiskey, alcohol, spirits, John Barleycorn,quebaugh, Scotch, home-brew, mother's ruin (= 'gin'), barley-bree, Scotch, rye, bourbon, white lightning, white mule, moonshine, booze, hooch, rot-gut, corn, fire-water, Sneaky

Other Words for Whisper

Whisper Verb Synonyms: breathe, murmur, mutter, mumble, hiss, speak or say softly or under (one's) breath, sigh, susurrate
Whisper Noun Synonyms: gossip, bruit about, noise abroad, murmur, insinuate, hint, rumour, disclose, divulge, reveal, breathe a word

Other Words for White

White Verb Synonyms: Caucasian, Caucasoid, light-skinned, fair-skinned, pale-complexioned
White Noun Synonyms: snow-white, snowy, chalk-white, chalky, ivory, creamy, milky, milk-white, oyster-white, off-white, silver, hoary

Other Words for Whitewash

Whitewash Verb Synonyms: gloss over, cover up, sugar-coat, hide, camouflage, conceal, qualify, minimize, extenuate, diminish, play down, downplay, make light of, rationalize, excuse

Other Words for Whittle

Whittle Noun Synonyms: pare (down or away), shave, trim, cut, carve, hew, shape

Other Words for Whole

Whole Adjective Synonyms: entire, complete, uncut, full, intact, unbroken, total

Other Words for Wholehearted

Wholehearted Verb Synonyms: devoted, dedicated, committed, earnest, sincere, unqualified, unmitigated, unreserved, complete, entire, unstinting, real, true, genuine, hearty, heartfelt, serious, enthusiastic, zealous, warm, fervent, ardent, spirited, eager, energetic

Other Words for Wholesome

Wholesome Adjective Synonyms: moral, ethical, righteous, upright, honourable, decent, principled, proper, fit, meet
Wholesome Verb Synonyms: healthful, healthy, health-giving, nutritious, nourishing, beneficial, tonic, salutary, salubrious, strengthening, bracing, stimulating

Other Words for Wholly

Wholly Noun Synonyms: altogether, entirely, absolutely, quite, totally, thoroughly, completely, in toto, fully, in all respects, in every way, all in all, utterly, unqualifiedly, every inch, 100%, lock, stock, barrel, root and branch, backwards and forwards, from the groun

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