Other Words for Wily

Wily Adjective Synonyms: shrewd, cunning, crafty, sly, artful, guileful, clever, foxy, vulpine, disingenuous, shifty, scheming, plotting, calculating, designing, sharp, canny, deceitful, deceiving, deceptive, treacherous, perfidious, false, double-dealing, dishonest, underhand(ed

Other Words for Win

Win Adverb Synonyms: come (in or out) first, carry the day, conquer, overcome, carry off (the palm), finish first (in), achieve first place (in), triumph (in), be victorious (in), be the victor (in), gain a victory (in), prevail (in), succeed (in), take first prize (in), Coll
Win Adjective Synonyms: gain, carry off or away, attain, acquire, get, obtain, secure, procure, receive, collect, net, bag, earn, realize, pick up, glean
Win Verb Synonyms: victory, conquest, triumph, success

Other Words for Wind

Wind Verb Synonyms: breeze, zephyr, puff, gust, breath, draught, light air, current (of air)
Wind Adjective Synonyms: puffery, bombast, rodomontade, bluster, boasting, braggadocio, vain speech, blather, (idle or empty) talk, fustian, nonsense, twaddle, humbug, babble, gibberish, gab, hot air, claptrap, hogwash, rot, hooey, boloney, (load of (old)) cobbl
Wind Noun Synonyms: turn, bend, twist, snake, worm, twine, zigzag, slew, swerve, loop, coil, curve, meander, ramble, veer

Other Words for Wind Down

Wind Down Noun Synonyms: taper off, slow down, diminish, reduce, close out, slacken or slack off (on), ease (up on), decrease, cut back or down (on), wind up

Other Words for Wind Up

Wind Up Noun Synonyms: terminate, conclude, come or bring to an end or a close or a conclusion, end (up), close down or up, finish (up), wrap up, liquidate, settle

Other Words for Windfall

Windfall Noun Synonyms: bonanza, godsend, stroke of (good) fortune, serendipitous find, boon, piece of (good) luck, jackpot, (lucky) strike

Other Words for Windy

Windy Verb Synonyms: blustery, blowing, blowy, breezy, gusting, gusty, wild, squally, tempestuous, windswept

Other Words for Winner

Winner Verb Synonyms: victor, champion, prizewinner, title-holder, conqueror, conquering hero, champ

Other Words for Winning

Winning Verb Synonyms: engaging, attractive, alluring, captivating, endearing, prepossessing, winsome, bewitching, fetching, taking, enchanting, pleasing, delightful, charming, amiable, friendly, pleasant, sweet

Other Words for Wintry

Wintry Noun Synonyms: hiemal, brumal, hibernal, icy, snowy, freezing, frozen, frosty, cold, frigid, bitter (cold), chilly, chilling, piercing, cutting, glacial, Siberian, arctic, hyperborean
Wintry Adjective Synonyms: cold, frigid, chilly, cool, chilling, glacial

Other Words for Wipe Off

Wipe Off Adjective Synonyms: rub, clean (off or out or up), cleanse, dry (off or out or up), dust (off), mop (up), swab, sponge (off or up)

Other Words for Wipe Out

Wipe Out Adjective Synonyms: kill (off), annihilate, massacre, destroy, finish (off), dispose of, eradicate, obliterate, exterminate, do away with, stamp out, get rid of, remove, wipe off the face of the earth

Other Words for Wiry

Wiry Adjective Synonyms: muscular, sinewy, lean, lank, thin and strong, tough and flexible

Other Words for Wisdom

Wisdom Verb Synonyms: knowledge, learning, erudition, lore, scholarship, enlightenment
Wisdom Adjective Synonyms: sagacity, sageness, judgment, discernment, reason, prudence, judiciousness, (common) sense, insight, penetration, sapience, understanding, rationality, clear-sightedness, clear-headedness, perspicacity, perspicuity, percipience, perception, perceptiveness

Other Words for Wise

Wise Adjective Synonyms: well-advised, advisable, judicious, sensible, expedient, reasonable, strategic, tactful, tactical, prudent, politic, discreet, diplomatic, well-thought-out, well-considered, proper, fitting, appropriate, meet
Wise Verb Synonyms: sage, sagacious, judicious, reasonable, commonsensical, prudent, sensible, insightful, sapient, understanding, rational, sound, clear-sighted, clear-headed, discerning, perspicacious, perspicuous, percipient, perceptive, intelligent, acute, astute, sharp,

Other Words for Wise Guy

Wise Guy Adjective Synonyms: wiseacre, smart alec or aleck, witling, know-all or know-it-all, Clever Dick or cleverdick, smarty-pants, smarty, smart-arse, smart-ass, wisenheimer

Other Words for Wise Up To

Wise Up To Noun Synonyms: become informed or aware (of or about), wake up (to), get wise (to) or in the know (about)

Other Words for Wisecrack

Wisecrack Noun Synonyms: joke, quip, rejoinder, witticism, pun, barb, jest, gibe or jibe, gag, dig
Wisecrack Adjective Synonyms: joke, quip, pun, gibe or jibe

Other Words for Wish

Wish Verb Synonyms: desire, request, whim, want, craving, longing, hankering
Wish Adjective Synonyms: desire, want, yearn, crave, long, hope, hanker, have a mind, (have a) fancy, choose, care
Wish Noun Synonyms: desire, longing, craving, need, yearning, hankering, passion, keenness, thirst, appetite, hunger, whim, urge, liking, fondness, fancy, preference, predisposition, disposition, inclination, yen, itch

Other Words for Wishy-Washy

Wishy-Washy Verb Synonyms: neither here nor there, undecided, indecisive, irresolute, half-hearted, shilly-shallying, tergiversating, vacillating, uncertain, of or having mixed feelings, of two minds

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