Other Words for Wade Through

Wade Through Noun Synonyms
plough through, work (one's) way through, hammer or pound away at, plod through, peg away at
You really have to wade through that entire book to write your report.


Business / Real Estate / Pass-Throughs: Payments on securities sold in the secondary market that are sent directly to investors. MORE

Payable Through Drafts

Business / Finance / Payable Through Drafts: A method of making payment that is used to maintain control over payments made on behalf of the firm by personnel in noncentral locations. The payer's bank delivers the payable through draft to the pa MORE

Play Through

Entertainment / Golf / Play Through: (also 'go through') passing the group in front of you (for various reasons) while they wait MORE

Pass-Through Security

Business / Real Estate / Pass-Through Security: A security issued by the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) to mortgage investors. Cash flows from the underlying block individual mortgage loans are passed through to the holders o MORE

Pass-Through Securities

Business / Finance / Pass-Through Securities: A pool of fixed income securities backed by a package of assets (i.e., mortgages) where the holder receives the principal and interest payments. Related: Mortgage pass-through security MORE

Pass-Through Coupon Rate

Business / Finance / Pass-Through Coupon Rate: The interest rate paid on a securitized pool of assets, which is less than the rate paid on the underlying loans by an amount equal to the servicing and guaranteeing fees. MORE