Other Words for Wag

Wag Noun Synonyms
comedian, wit, punster, pundit, joker, jester, comic, jokester, droll, merry andrew, clown, card
A wag said that tailors were like storks - known for their big bills.

Wag Verb Synonyms
wave, waggle, oscillate, fluctuate, sway, undulate, flutter, flap, flip, flicker, shake, vibrate, quiver, nod, rock, dance, wobble, bob, bobble, waver, vellicate
Misty's tail wagged as I approached the house.

wave, waggle, oscillation, fluctuation, sway, undulation, flutter, vellication, flap, flip, flicker, shake, vibration, quiver, nod, wobble, bobble, waver
The dying animal recognized me and gave a feeble wag of her tail.

More Words for Wag

Flutter / Card / Flap / Wave / Flip / Dance / Comic

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