Other Words for Wait

Wait Noun Synonyms
be delayed or postponed or deferred or shelved or put off, be tabled, be put on ice or on the back burner
The quarterly sales figures can wait - we haven't yet completed those for this month.

delay, pause, stay, hold-up, interval, halt, stop, stoppage, break, hiatus, lacuna, gap, respite, rest (period), intermission, discontinuation, recess
There was an extra long wait between trains because of track repairs further up the line.

Wait Verb Synonyms
tarry, linger, hold on, stay, bide (one's) time, mark time, stand by, cool (one's) heels, stick around, sit tight, hang on, hang about, hang around
If you wait till i've finished this, I'll join you for dinner.

More Words for Wait

Stay / Stop / Break


Life Style / Travel / Wait-List: List established when there are no more ready available spaces; names waiting for cancellations. MORE

Wait State

Technology / Computers / Wait State: A brief delay added before a microprocessor executes an instruction, to allow time for slower memory chips or external devices to respond. A wait states may be one or more of the computer's clock cycl MORE

Call Waiting

Technology / Cell Phones / Call Waiting: If your line is busy, callers are asked to wait while you are alerted to their incoming call. MORE

Waiting Period

Health / Dentistry / Waiting Period: In order to become eligible for coverage under the policy, an employee must satisfy a certain number of continuous days of service as an active, full-time employee. This is known as the waiting period MORE

Head Waiter

Life Style / Travel / Head Waiter: Supervises all waitstaff in his or her section to monitor service and efficiency. Traditionally, the head waiter personally prepares or serves specialty items. MORE


Life Style / Travel / Waitlist: List of travelers waiting for people to cancel reservations for a flight that is sold out. MORE