Other Words for Wake

Wake Noun Synonyms
awake, waken, awaken, animate, stimulate, enliven, galvanize, fire, quicken, inspirit, inspire, activate, liven up, vivify, kindle, vitalize, stir, arouse, get (someone) going, bring to life
When I feel this tired, it takes a lot to wake me up. Seeing Margo woke a spark in me I thought had long since died.

Wake Verb Synonyms
track, trail, aftermath, path, backwash, wash, bow wave, trace, spoor, scent
The wake from the passing boats damages the docks. No matter where he went, they followed in his wake.

vigil, watch, death-watch, funeral
If you have ever been to an Irish wake, you will know what I mean.

More Words for Wake

Awake / Wash / Watch / Stir / Path / Awaken / Animate / Fire

Wake-on-LAN (WOL)

Technology / Computers / Wake-on-LAN (WOL): This technology is used to remotely wake up a sleeping or powered off PC over a network. When the system is turned off, the managed network adapter uses an alternate power source to monitor the networ MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Hypersomnia: Excessive sleepiness, as evidenced by prolonged nocturnal sleep, difficulty maintaining an alert awake state during the day, or undesired daytime sleep episodes. ideas of reference The feeling that ca MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Hypnopompic: Referring to the state immediately preceding awakening; may include hallucinations that are of no pathological significance. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Parasomnia: Abnormal behavior or physiological events occurring during sleep or sleep-wake transitions. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Hallucination: false sensory perception in the absence of a real external stimulus. It is perceived as being located in objective space and as having the same realistic qualities as normal perceptions. It is not sub MORE

Middle Insomnia

Science / Psychiatry / Middle Insomnia: Awakening in the middle of the night followed by eventually falling back to sleep, but with difficulty. MORE