Other Words for Walk

Walk Adjective Synonyms
path, lane, pathway, pavement, footpath, promenade, esplanade, boardwalk, footway, sidewalk
We strolled along the pleasant walks that lead through the park.

Walk Noun Synonyms
patrol, trace out, stalk, cover, haunt, prowl, wander, roam, rove or range about in or on, frequent
Her mother could not understand why Maizie walked the streets nightly.

take, convoy, accompany, escort, go with, conduct, lead, empty
Let me walk you to the station. I have to walk the dog twice a day.

advance, proceed, move, go, wend, go or make (one's) way by foot, tread, step, perambulate, stalk, stride, tramp, stroll, amble, ramble, ambulate, shamble, pad, shuffle, saunter, trudge, trek, plod, slog, hike, parade, promenade, strut, swagger, prance, m
Guthrie certainly has a peculiar way of walking.

Walk Verb Synonyms
gait, step, carriage, bearing, stride
He had great fun imitating Groucho Marx's slinky walk.

constitutional, stroll, amble, slog, tramp, hike
Lettie likes to take a walk in the park after dinner. We had a five-day walk through the jungle before reaching civilization.

More Words for Walk

Go / Stalk / Patrol / Path / Lead / Cover / Step / Pad / Take / Swagger / Move


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