Other Words for Want

Want Noun Synonyms
need, lack, shortage, deficiency, dearth, scarcity, scarceness, insufficiency, scantiness, inadequacy, paucity
For want of good writers, the literary quarterly diminished in size and finally disappeared.

appetite, hunger, thirst, craving, desire, fancy, wish, longing, yearning, hankering, demand, necessity, requirement, requisite, prerequisite, yen
She gave up trying to satisfy his wants.

Want Verb Synonyms
desire, crave, wish (for), long for, pine for, hope (for), fancy, covet, hanker after, lust after, hunger for or after, thirst for or after, yearn for, have a yen for
I want you near me. Ignore his crying - he just wants some ice-cream. Maybe he's crying because he wants to go.

need, lack, miss, require, call for, demand, be deficient in, be or stand in want or in need of, necessitate, be or fall short of
This engine wants proper maintenance. The bottle wants only a few more drops to fill it.

More Words for Want

Need / Miss / Demand

Bid Wanted

Business / Finance / Bid Wanted: Used in the context of general equities. Announcement that a holder of securities wants to sell and will entertain bids. MORE

Offer Wanted

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Business / Accounting / Wants: Desires for economic goods or services, not necessarily accompanied by the power to satisfy them. MORE

Wanted For Cash

Business / Finance / Wanted For Cash: A security with no monetary value. MORE

Venture Capital (VC)

Business / Taxes / Venture Capital (VC): Venture capital is financing provided by wealthy independent investors, banks, and partnerships to help new businesses get started, reach the next level of growth, or go public. In return for the mone MORE

Portfolio Turnover

Business / Taxes / Portfolio Turnover: Portfolio turnover is the rate at which a mutual fund manager buys or sells securities in a fund, or an individual investor buys and sells securities in a brokerage account. A rapid turnover rate, whi MORE