Other Words for Wave

Wave Adjective Synonyms
swell, undulation, billow, sea, heave, roller, whitecap, white horse, ripple, wavelet, breaker, comber
A huge wave tossed me up on the beach.

undulate, billow, move to and fro, flap, flutter, quiver, flip-flop, swing, sway, ripple, oscillate, zigzag, fluctuate, shake, wag, whiffle, wigwag, wiggle, waggle, brandish
The streamer waved slowly in the quickening breeze. Stop waving that knife at me.

surge, swell, welling up, ground swell, movement, flood, upsurge, uprising, current, tide
The period is marked by a wave of materialism and greed that swamped all morality and integrity.

signal, sign, gesticulation, gesture
Was his wave intended for you or for me.

More Words for Wave

Swell / Current / Surge / Sea / Flutter / Flap / Movement / Wag / Swing / Sign

Forced Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Forced Wave: A wave generated and maintained by a continuous force. MORE

Seismic Surface Wave

Science / Geology / Seismic Surface Wave: A seismic wave that follows the earth's surface only, with a speed less than that of S-waves. There are Raleigh waves (forward and vertical vibrations) and Love waves (transverse vibrations). MORE

Sound Waves

Technology / Home Audio / Sound Waves: Fluctuating waves of barometric pressure that travel through a physical medium such as air. An acoustic wave consists of a traveling vibration of alternate compressions and rarefactions, whereby sound MORE

Gravity Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Gravity Wave: A wave for which the restoring force is gravity. MORE

Solitary Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Solitary Wave: A wave of translation consisting of a single crest rising above the undisturbed water level without any accompanying trough. The rate of advance of a solitary wave depends upon the depth of the water MORE

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FM CW Radar)

Technology / Radar / Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FM CW Radar): Frequency modulated continuous wave radar makes use of frequency modulation to allow the range of a target to be measured. MORE