Other Words for Wave

Wave Adjective Synonyms
surge, swell, welling up, ground swell, movement, flood, upsurge, uprising, current, tide
The period is marked by a wave of materialism and greed that swamped all morality and integrity.

undulate, billow, move to and fro, flap, flutter, quiver, flip-flop, swing, sway, ripple, oscillate, zigzag, fluctuate, shake, wag, whiffle, wigwag, wiggle, waggle, brandish
The streamer waved slowly in the quickening breeze. Stop waving that knife at me.

swell, undulation, billow, sea, heave, roller, whitecap, white horse, ripple, wavelet, breaker, comber
A huge wave tossed me up on the beach.

signal, sign, gesticulation, gesture
Was his wave intended for you or for me.

More Words for Wave

Flap / Current / Flutter / Swell / Wag / Swing / Sign / Surge / Movement / Sea

Forced Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Forced Wave: A wave generated and maintained by a continuous force. MORE

Seismic Surface Wave

Science / Geology / Seismic Surface Wave: A seismic wave that follows the earth's surface only, with a speed less than that of S-waves. There are Raleigh waves (forward and vertical vibrations) and Love waves (transverse vibrations). MORE

Sound Waves

Technology / Home Audio / Sound Waves: Fluctuating waves of barometric pressure that travel through a physical medium such as air. An acoustic wave consists of a traveling vibration of alternate compressions and rarefactions, whereby sound MORE

Gravity Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Gravity Wave: A wave for which the restoring force is gravity. MORE

Solitary Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Solitary Wave: A wave of translation consisting of a single crest rising above the undisturbed water level without any accompanying trough. The rate of advance of a solitary wave depends upon the depth of the water MORE

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FM CW Radar)

Technology / Radar / Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FM CW Radar): Frequency modulated continuous wave radar makes use of frequency modulation to allow the range of a target to be measured. MORE