Other Words for Will

Will Adjective Synonyms
want, desire, wish, choose, see fit, make, compel, force, command, order, ordain, require
When she willed him to appear, there was a flash of lightning and he was there.

desire, wish, longing, liking, inclination, disposition, drive, purposefulness, purpose, intent, intention, resolve, commitment, resolution, determination, will-power
Where there's a will there's a way. Some believe that taking medication is against God's will. Marguerite seems to have lost the will to live.

Will Noun Synonyms
leave, bequeath, devise, hand down or on, pass on, transfer, settle upon or on
My great-uncle Philip willed me his collection of 19th-century theatre memorabilia.

choice, wishes, desire, inclination
He was forced to submit against his will.

(last will and) testament, last wishes
In accordance with his will, Josiah was buried at sea.

More Words for Will

Purpose / Make / Order / Intent / Leave / Force / Want / Drive

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