Other Words for Work

Work Noun Synonyms
till, plough, farm, cultivate
Would he have been healthier and longer-lived had he worked the land.

knead, mould, form, fashion, shape, mix, stir, incorporate
Work the clay into long, narrow strips. Try to work the color in with your fingers.

maneuver, manipulate, guide
See if you can work him over into a corner where you can grab him.

control, manage, manipulate, maneuver, wield, handle, operate, make use of, utilize, exploit, deal with, bring into play
Are you sure you know how to work all those dials and buttons.

labour, toil, exert oneself, sweat, moil, slave (away), peg away, slog (away)
His father worked in the mines from the age of nine till he died of black-lung disease at forty.

employment, business, occupation, vocation, calling, profession, trade, line, m‚tier, career, livelihood, job, post, position, situation
Does your work as a test pilot interfere much with your home life.

labour, toil, effort, drudgery, travail, exertion, industry
Few people make it to the top and stay there without hard work.

Work Verb Synonyms
operate, employ, put to (good or effective) use, wield, manipulate, ply, apply, exploit
Tanya must have worked her magic on Eustace to make him that docile.

bring about, effect, accomplish, carry out or off, make, produce, achieve, engender, beget, create, do, put through, execute, fulfill, effectuate, implement, realize
I doubt that the new sports centre will work many changes in the area.

feat, achievement, creation, accomplishment, opus, handiwork, oeuvre, production, composition, piece, master-work, masterpiece, chef-d'oeuvre, magnum opus, output
Some of Edwin's recent works have won prizes.

More Words for Work

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