Other Words for Yank

Yank Adverb Synonyms: jerk, jolt, tug, wrench, snatch, hitch

Other Words for Yap

Yap Verb Synonyms: bark, yelp
Yap Adjective Synonyms: gabble, babble, blither or blather, chatter, jabber, tattle, prattle, prate, witter, natter, jaw, run on, run off at the mouth

Other Words for Yardstick

Yardstick Verb Synonyms: measure, benchmark, criterion, standard, gauge, basis, touchstone, scale, exemplar

Other Words for Yarn

Yarn Verb Synonyms: tale, story, account, narrative, anecdote, tall tale, fable, fabrication, fiction, cock-and-bull story, whopper, fishing story, fish story, fish tale
Yarn Noun Synonyms: thread, fibre, strand

Other Words for Yearly

Yearly Verb Synonyms: annually, perennially, every year, once a year, year after year, year in (and) year out, regularly
Yearly Noun Synonyms: per year, per annum, by the year, each year

Other Words for Yearn

Yearn Noun Synonyms: long, pine, ache, hanker, itch, hunger, thirst, crave, have a craving, desire, wish, want, fancy, prefer

Other Words for Yell

Yell Adverb Synonyms: shout, scream, cry, bellow, howl, screech, yowl, roar, caterwaul, squall, yelp, holler
Yell Noun Synonyms: shout, scream, bellow, howl, screech, yowl, roar, bawl, caterwaul, squall, yelp, holler

Other Words for Yeomanly

Yeomanly Adverb Synonyms: yeoman, workmanlike,eful, staunch, courageous, loyal, dedicated, faithful, steadfast, unswerving, unwavering, firm, sturdy, reliable, solid

Other Words for Yes-Man

Yes-Man Adjective Synonyms: toady, sycophant, toad-eater, time-server, hanger-on, lickspittle, bootlicker, truckler, flunkey, courtier, jackal, spaniel, lap-dog, arse-kisser, arse-licker, ass-kisser, ass-licker, brown-noser

Other Words for Yet

Yet Verb Synonyms: as yet, (up) till or until now, so far, thus far, hitherto, to the present (time)
Yet Adverb Synonyms: notwithstanding, in spite of or despite it or that or the fact, still, nevertheless, but
Yet Noun Synonyms: moreover, furthermore, besides, further, still
Yet Adjective Synonyms: in the future, in time to come, later, eventually

Other Words for Yield

Yield Conjunction Synonyms: return, production, output, revenue, takings, gate, earnings, income, proceeds, profit, gain
Yield Adverb Synonyms: surrender, give up (the fight or struggle), give in, knuckle under, submit, cede, cry quits, throw in the towel or the sponge, capitulate, succumb, raise the white flag

Other Words for Yielding

Yielding Verb Synonyms: pliant, flexile, flexible, pliable, soft, plastic, fictile, elastic, resilient, supple, springy, bouncy, spongy, rubbery

Other Words for Young

Young Verb Synonyms: youthful, teenage(d), adolescent, prepubescent, pubescent, juvenile, minor, junior, under age
Young Noun Synonyms: offspring, babies, issue, little ones, progeny, litter, brood, children

Other Words for Your Flesh And Blood

Your Flesh And Blood Noun Synonyms: kin, kinsfolk or and kinfolk, family, stock, blood, kith and kin, relatives, relations

Other Words for Youth

Youth Adjective Synonyms: childhood, boyhood, girlhood, young manhood, young womanhood, prepubescence, pubescence, adolescence, salad days, immaturity, minority

Other Words for Yucky

Yucky Adjective Synonyms: yukky or also yuchy, disgusting, repugnant, repellent, unappetizing, vomit-provoking, sick-making, ill-making, nauseous, nauseating, revolting, foul, mucky, revolting, beastly, awful, grotty

Other Words for Yummy

Yummy Noun Synonyms: delicious, mouth-watering, luscious, appetizing, tasty, toothsome, savory, delectable, ambrosial, scrumptious

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