Other Words for Yank

Yank Adverb Synonyms
jerk, jolt, tug, wrench, snatch, hitch
He yanked the chair from beneath me just as I sat down.

jerk, jolt, tug, wrench, snatch, hitch
Give two yanks on the rope when you want me to pull you up.

More Words for Yank

Hitch / Wrench

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Yank The Shot

Entertainment / Bowling / Yank The Shot: To hold onto the ball too long, thus pulling it across the body before release. Pulling or tugging the ball high or past the pocket. MORE

Yankee Bonds

Business / Finance / Yankee Bonds: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying that it is an ADR MORE

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Entertainment / Golf / Pull: 1. (also 'yank, jerk') a shot that goes to the left of the intended line for a right-handed player 2. To select a club or remove it from the bag MORE