Other Words for Yarn

Yarn Noun Synonyms
thread, fibre, strand
I haven't enough yarn to finish knitting these socks.

Yarn Verb Synonyms
tale, story, account, narrative, anecdote, tall tale, fable, fabrication, fiction, cock-and-bull story, whopper, fishing story, fish story, fish tale
The old salt had many yarns to spin during the long evenings by the fire.

More Words for Yarn

Story / Tale / Account


Entertainment / Bowling / Fit: (1) How your ball is measured for your hands; your span, pitch etc. (2) The act of going between both pins on a baby split. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Skaz: A Russian yarn or tall tale in which the author dons the voice or persona of a fictitious narrator (typically an uneducated peasant). The genre thus allows the author to characterize the speaker throu MORE

Ping Hua

Entertainment / Literature / Ping Hua: A Chinese yarn or tall tale. The genre typically involves a strong narrative presence and colloquial or idiomatic Chinese. The tone is realistic, but the content is typically fantastic or hyperbolic. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Baseball: The baseball’s core is made of rubber and cork. Yarn is wound around the rubber and cork centre. Then 2 strips of white cowhide are sewn around the ball. Official baseballs must weigh 5 to 5 1/4 oun MORE