Other Words for Yet

Yet Adjective Synonyms
in the future, in time to come, later, eventually
Despite the life i've led, I might yet get to heaven.

Yet Adverb Synonyms
notwithstanding, in spite of or despite it or that or the fact, still, nevertheless, but
He goes out every night, yet never oversleeps in the mornings.

Yet Noun Synonyms
still, notwithstanding, anyway, anyhow, nonetheless, nevertheless, regardless, in spite of or despite everything, just or all the same, even so, after all, still and all
Despite the life i've led, I might get to heaven yet.

moreover, furthermore, besides, further, still
He made yet another excuse.

Yet Verb Synonyms
as yet, (up) till or until now, so far, thus far, hitherto, to the present (time)
She hasn't arrived yet.

still, up to this time, up to now, even now, till or until now, to this day
She was there earlier and I think she's there yet.

More Words for Yet

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