Other Words for Youth

Youth Adjective Synonyms
child, youngster, schoolchild, teenager, teen, minor, juvenile, adolescent, boy, schoolboy, stripling, young boy or man, lad, laddie, whippersnapper, girl, lass, lassie, schoolgirl, maid, maiden, damsel, demoiselle, mademoiselle, kid, (lit
As youths, they used to spend time at rock concerts.

childhood, boyhood, girlhood, young manhood, young womanhood, prepubescence, pubescence, adolescence, salad days, immaturity, minority
In our youth we do many foolish things we might later regret.

children, youngsters, juveniles, adolescents, young people, young, kids
The youth of today have little respect for their elders.

More Words for Youth

Boy / Minor / Lass / Girl / Maid

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