Other Words for Zany

Zany Noun Synonyms
clown, comic, jester, fool, joker, buffoon, wag, comedian, merry andrew, laughing-stock, nut, screwball
The two zanies kept the crowd in stitches while the pickpockets stole their wallets.

clownish, mad, wild, frolicsome, sportive, playful, gay, merry, slapstick, crazy, funny, comic(al), amusing, hilarious, absurd, nonsensical, ludicrous, silly, foolish, inane, wacky, loony, madcap, crackpot, nutty, goofy, kooky
The buskers put on the zaniest show I have seen for some time.

More Words for Zany

Wag / Comic / Mad / Fool / Silly