Other Words for Zero

Zero Noun Synonyms
nobody, nothing, nonentity, nebbish, bupkis
That fellow she married is a real zero.

nil, null, nothing, nought or naught, aught, cipher, duck, nix, goose-egg, nada, niente, (sweet) Fanny Adams or F.A., bugger-all, zilch
Temperatures have remained below zero all day. The visiting team won three games, we won zero.

Zero Verb Synonyms
(rock) bottom, nadir
On a scale of one to ten, she is a zero.

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Zero-Based Bonus

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Zero-Based Bonus: A plan design feature that establishes a pre-assigned class, ratio, or ranking for a specified class of employees who will receive zero bonus awards. MORE

Zero-Coupon Convertible Bond

Business / Taxes / Zero-Coupon Convertible Bond: A zero-coupon convertible bond, like other convertible bonds, can be converted into stock in the issuing corporation if the stock reaches the trigger price. Municipalities may issue tax-exempt zero-co MORE

Zero-One Integer Programming

Business / Finance / Zero-One Integer Programming: Sale that takes place at the same price as the previous sale, but at a lower price than the last different price. Antithesis of zero-plus tick. MORE

Zero-Based Budgeting

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Zero-Based Budgeting: A budgeting system that starts with no authorized funds as a starting point. In a zero-based budget, each activity or program to be funded must be justified every time a new budget is prepared and res MORE

Zero Bit Detection

Technology / Home Audio / Zero Bit Detection: A circuit in a D/A converter that monitors the digital audio bit stream. Upon encountering all bits low, or zero bits, the output of the D/A is disconnected from the preamp. This improves the signal-t MORE

Zero-Investment Portfolio

Business / Finance / Zero-Investment Portfolio: A zero-coupon bond convertible into the common stock of the issuing company after the stock reaches a certain price, using a put option inherent in the security. Also refers to zero-coupon bonds, whic MORE