Other Words for Zero In On

Zero In On Noun Synonyms
focus on, pinpoint, fix on, home in on, concentrate on, bring to bear on
We zeroed in on the problem and then rapidly found the answer.

Face Detection

Technology / Digital Cameras / Face Detection: Face detection is a recent technology commonly found in point-and-shoot cameras. It recognizes one or more human faces in your frame, and sets focus priority on the people in your shot. Let's say you MORE

Outside Salesperson

Life Style / Travel / Outside Salesperson: Job description of an travel agency employee who sells travel but is not based primarily in the agency location most of the time. MORE

Outside Cabin

Life Style / Travel / Outside Cabin: A cabin having window(s) or porthole(s) offering an exterior view. MORE

Outside Shooting

Entertainment / Basketball / Outside Shooting: Shots taken from the perimeter. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Outside-In: A swing path that cuts across the target line from the far side of the target line, in relation to the player (outside), to the near side (inside) through the impact area MORE

Outgoing Mail Server

Technology / Email / Outgoing Mail Server: The server that routes email messages to incoming servers on the Internet. Outgoing mail servers are also referred to as SMTP servers. The outgoing mail server at MIT is named outgoing.mit.edu and sec MORE