Other Words for Zoo

Zoo Noun Synonyms
zoological garden, menagerie, Tiergarten, (safari) park
When I was a child, I enjoyed going to the zoo almost as much as I do now.

Zoo Verb Synonyms
madhouse, mess, chaos, pandemonium, bedlam, three-ring circus, Chinese fire-drill
When my husband and the three children get ready in the morning the kitchen is like a zoo.

Optical Zoom

Technology / Digital Cameras / Optical Zoom: The ability to magnify a subject for close-ups, by adjusting the camera's lens assembly (thus the name 'optical'). Most current digital cameras include an optical zoom lens of some kind. The amount of MORE

Zoonotic Diseases

Business / Agriculture / Zoonotic Diseases: Diseases that under natural conditions are communicable from animals to humans. Tuberculosis and rabies are examples of zoonotic diseases. Brucellosis in livestock becomes undulant fever in humans. MORE

Zoom Control

Technology / Radar / Zoom Control: Zooms the display in on the area around the cursor or between the cursor and the display center to enhance the view of a target area. MORE

Zoom In Or Zoom Out

Technology / Television (TV) / Zoom In Or Zoom Out: A function of the zoom lens wherein the focal length is varied from wide angle to telephoto (zoom in), thereby magnifying the object as the angle of view is narrowed--or vice versa (zoom out). MORE

Digital Zoom

Technology / Digital Cameras / Digital Zoom: The ability to magnify an optical image digitally, using interpolation. Digital cameras can come with quite high levels of digital zoom, but the image quality suffers noticeably as more digital zoom i MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Zooplankton: Animal members of the plankton MORE