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Science / Biology / Half-Life: The time required for one-half of an original unstable radioactive element to be converted to a more stable daughter element. MORE

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Other Words for Mound

Mound Noun Synonyms
hillock, rise, hummock, hill, hump, bank, elevation, knoll, knob, swell, dune, slope, tor, W and butte,
We stood on a high mound from which we could see for miles.

Mound Adjective Synonyms
heap, pile, stack, tumulus, tell, barrow, (kitchen) midden
Excavation of the mound yielded scores of Iron Age artefacts.

Mound Noun Synonyms
climb (up), go up, ascend, scale, clamber up, make one's way up
We mounted the ladder to the roof. The speaker mounted the dais.

rise (up), arise, soar, fly (up), rocket (upwards)
With the salmon in its grasp, the eagle mounted to the sky.

Mound Verb Synonyms
climb or get or clamber up on, bestride, straddle, bestraddle
The gunfighter mounted his horse and rode off.

(put on) display, (put on) exhibit, put on exhibition, present, install or instal, stage, prepare, ready, put on, put in place, set up, arrange, coordinate, compose, organize, set in motion, launch
The gallery will mount a show of John's sculpture next spring. They have mounted a major advertising campaign for their face cream.

frame, mat or matt, set off
This print should be mounted using an olive green paper.

increase, wax, rise, escalate, intensify, swell, expand, grow, mount up, multiply, pile up, build up, accumulate
Complaints have been mounting against the vulgar language heard on prime-time TV.

backing, setting, support, mounting, background, set, arrangement, backdrop, scene
This style of mount sets off the ruby to its best advantage.

horse, steed, charger, palfrey
Her mount was a grey mare.

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