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Entertainment / Literature / Pardoner: An individual licensed by the medieval church to sell papal indulgences (i.e., 'pardons'), official documents excusing the recipient from certain acts of penitence and alleviating the sinner's punishment while in purgatory. The Catholic Encyclopedia defines an indulgence as 'the extra-sacramental remission of the temporal punishment due' to a sinner. Protestant students might wish to peruse the Ca MORE

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Other Words for Substance

Substance Adjective Synonyms
material, matter, stuff, fabric, composition, make-up
She couldn't recognize the substance in the bottle. The comet's substance is mainly ice and dirt.

Substance Verb Synonyms
essence, pith, heart, core, gist, burden, theme, meat, kernel, nub, crux, sum total, sum and substance, point, gravamen, haecceity, quintessence, quiddity
Explain, in 500 or fewer words, the substance of Hegel's dispute with Kant.

Substance Noun Synonyms
meaning, import, significance, purport, signification, point
Our visit to San Francisco gave substance to all we had read about it.

reality, corporeality, solidity, actuality, concreteness
You must learn to deal with the substance, not the shadows.

means, wealth, property, possessions, riches, resources, affluence, assets
John Culver was a citizen of some substance in this town.

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