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Business / Agriculture / Assessment: Generally an automatic or mandatory deduction from a producer’s marketing receipts used to fund activities that promote or otherwise support a particular farm product. Under certain agricultural marketing orders or commodity promotion programs, assessments may be applied against receipts to help pay for generic advertising or research. The term check-off is often used interchangeably with assess MORE

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Other Words for Desperate

Desperate Verb Synonyms
reckless, foolhardy, rash, impetuous, frantic, frenzied, panic-stricken
Desperate measures are required in such a desperate situation.

Desperate Adjective Synonyms
careless, hasty, devil-may-care, wild, mad, frenetic, furious
They made a last desperate attack on the fort.

anxious (for), craving, hungry (for), thirsty (for), needful (of), desirous (of), covetous (of), eager (for), longing or yearning (for), wishing (for), hoping (for), aching (for), pining (for)
She is desperate for attention.

urgent, pressing, compelling, serious, grave, acute, critical, crucial, great
There is a desperate need for medicines at the disaster site.

precarious, perilous, life-threatening, hazardous, dangerous, tenuous, hopeless, beyond hope or help
Avalanches are making the climbers' situation even more desperate.

at one's wits' end, forlorn, despairing, despondent, wretched, at the end of one's tether, frantic
With no one to turn to for help, he was truly desperate.

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